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Chiropractic Keeps the Body Young: Abnormal Posture and Spinal Alignment Increases Degeneration

Properly aligning every axle on an automobile prevents abnormal wear and tear on the tires. Necessary preventative maintenance ensures longevity. A similar example occurs within the human spine. The pads between each spinal bone consist of soft tissue and abnormal alignment translates into additional wear. The pads (intervertebral discs) consist of cartilage and water. Water […]


Concussions and Chiropractic: Research Proves Chiropractic Plays a Pivotal Role in Concussion Recovery

Concussions classify as a type of traumatic brain injury. Concussions used to be a concern following falls, car accidents, and other forms of spontaneous head trauma. Now the fear of concussions permeates the entire activity landscape ranging from recreational activities to youth athletics. The risk of a concussion increases with younger children. A culture of […]