Konnor R.

I just started going to this chiropractor and I could not be more happy. They have worked so well with our schedules and helped us with easy payments for our family. I can tell that Dr. Ring loves what he does. He is more than happy to answer any questions you have. He is very thorough and makes sure you understand what he is doing and how it will help. His staff is great and always cheerful. We will never go to anyone else.

Hillary R.

Dr. Travis is so gentle with his adjustments and I have never felt better. Thank you!

Amanda P.

Travis is awesome very educated ! I would send anyone here !!

Stacy A.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ring for 2+ years. Before adjustments I was having headaches regularly. Now I am headache free. I would encourage everyone to visit Dr. Ring. Your health is worth it.

Betty G.

Prompt scheduling and fantastic care! Went to see Dr. Ring in my 9th month of pregnancy because my midwife told me I was so out of wack that it could stall my labor. Needless to say, everything went great!

Dillon W.

Dr. Ring and his staff are family friendly and make you feel at home. And that’s just when you walk in the door. The advice and knowledge shared for my treatment helped me get back to work faster than expected and honestly helped save my job. Highly recommended!

Patrick L.

I came to Dr. Ring with multiple Rugby and weightlifting injuries. He has a great attitude and approaches every appointment with careful consideration for your condition. Their on-site massage therapist is amazing, too. l felt great every time I left the office and I’m confident that I healed faster than I would have on my own.

William C.

Dr. Ring has you in and out of his office in minutes – quick, and back on your feet.

Janae B.

Dr. Ring focused in on the source of my back pain and quickly had me feeling back to normal.

Jake T.

I have been seeing Dr. Ring for about a month now. Prior to my visits, I saw 2 other offices with no results. After a month of visits to Dr. Ring, I am sleeping great, I can work with hardly any pain, and I actually went golfing for the first time in 10 years with no problems. The results have been so much more than I ever could have wished for. Thanks so much !!

Sean M.

I’ve always had a great experience and Dr. Ring is a wealth of knowledge.

Breann A.

I have been having on and off back pain for years now. Since going to Dr. Ring, it has been very minimal and I feel amazing! I would totally recommend Dr. Ring everybody!

Daria J.

I have been to Dr. Ring for several years. He is my favorite! He is a minimalist in his treatment and will never do or suggest anything he doesn’t feel is necessary. He has helped on so many occasions, try him for yourself, he’s the best!

Crista H.

Dr. Ring and staff are very professional and friendly. I love getting adjustments to maintain my active lifestyle! I would highly recommend this office!

Kyle C

Awesome care and professional in every way. They make you feel important and a priority!

Shelley G.

Dr. Ring is fantastic! You’ll never feel rushed or unimportant in his office. He’s great with kids of all ages too.

Julie W.

Dr. Ring was amazing working with our 9 year old daughter. We really felt comfortable with him and trusted he was taking the very best care of her.

Caleb H.

Since I started seeing Dr Ring, I have experienced a significant decrease in pain in my hips and lower back. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone who might be helped by chiropractic care.

Drew E.

Dr. Ring is kind, compassionate, and takes the time to explain the rationale for treatment. I’m always in and out in a timely manner and feeling better when I leave. Thanks Dr. Ring and staff!

Ricky B.

I’ve had back pain for the last 2 months before going into Dr. Travis. After getting realigned I was able to start practicing at 100% again, faster than ever before ! Very thankful for Dr. Travis.

Jeremy M.

Dr. Travis is really great not only as a doctor but also a person. I have known him for many years and have used his service as well…My wife had severe neck pain and went to see the doc and in only one treatment she was almost 100% well. Dr. Travis really cares about helping people become their best and reach their health goals.

Larry B.

Dr. Ring is is the only chiropractor for me and my family. A good Christian man that doesn’t use scare tactics or a sales pitch to get customers just tells it how it is and what you need. Highly recommended.

Brandon G.

Dr. Ring is great. You can definitely see his passion for helping people get better even as soon as you meet his staff.

Ali H.

Dr. Ring is very attentive and committed to your total health. I would highly recommend him!

Monty S.

Travis has helped my wife and I when life’s twists and turns has created some aches and pains. He is very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Travis takes the time to tell us what is going on with our body and how he is going to treat it. He and his staff always work our treatments around our schedules. We would highly recommend Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic.

Tiffany T.

Dr. Ring is amazing! Helping everything from pain to ear infections. His gentle and effective treatments help people of all ages!

Shawn S.

Went to see Dr. Ring several times now. Always feel better afterwards physically and spiritually. Great staff too!

Caleb M.

Travis has a great mind for overall health and healing, his knowledge and client interaction are second to none. Dr. Ring provides excellent care for his patients and I highly recommend using him.

Nick F.

I had an accident a couple years ago and had tried three other chiropractors before meeting Dr. Ring. If you haven’t gotten the results you wanted elsewhere you have to come see Dr. Ring! He’s down to earth, professional, and genuinely cares – and it’s rare to find someone who genuinely cares these days.

Judy C.

I have been going to Dr. Ring for over three years and am totally amazed at what he can correct – from pain, aches, allergies. He does it all! I am always grateful for his true caring attitude. Just a few minutes in his office will definitely start your week off right.

Emmanuel E.

Dr. Ring has taken care of our family for more than 3 years now. We try to bring the whole family in once a week for adjustments. Amazing place, great people!

Rex B.

I have gone to Chiropractor’s for many, many years. Since I have met Dr. Ring over 2 years ago, I have not needed to go as often as I once did. I appreciate his total body understanding and desires to make one truly whole. Dr. Ring has a great wealth of knowledge, not only with the back, but other areas as well. He is even encourage me to get into CrossFit, since I have improved and have a desire to stay fit as well. Thanks again Dr. Ring ! !

Lars G.

Dr. Travis is very knowledgeable, professional, and kind. He and his staff have done a great job of answering my questions, working with my schedule, and helping enhance my overall health. Dr. Travis does a great job of explaining the “why” behind what he is doing, which really sets my mind at ease. I would highly recommend him and his team!

Leslie J.

Dr. Ring has been an incredible help for our family. With regular visits he keeps my husband, who works building houses, etc, in check and able to work long, hard hours. He has also been adjusting my children since they were young. Fortunately, saving my daughter from having anymore allergies issues, and getting us out of a nasty ear tube surgery that doctors thought was necessary. We are very grateful for him!!

Tara B.

Dr. Ring helps keep my active family healthy! He takes special care of our seven year old gymnast during the competition season. He is always kind and willing to go above and beyond to help us improve our health!

David C.

Dr. Ring really cares about his patients and their long term health and well being. He was very quick to listen to my needs and long term goals and create a treatment plan that I felt comfortable with moving forward. Staff is always kind and flexible with my schedule and great supporters of the local community!

Trace D.

Great experience! They are friendly, very knowledgeable, and they helped me with my lower back pain. Go see Travis it will be the best thing you do today!

Lisa P.

Dr Ring is the best! Helped me with horrible shin splints from running. Would recommend to anyone.

Zane T.

Just want to say a huge thanks to Dr. Travis Ring and Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic for improving my quality of life, by alleviating my chronic lower back pain! Dr. Ring and staff promote a fun loving, family oriented environment, and that alone is treatment for any condition! They are extremely flexible, and make sure to get you in and on with your life in great time!

Kevin D.

Dr. Travis Ring went above and beyond for me. I had hurt my back and was pretty immobile for a couple of days. Once I was able to move off of my couch, he opened up his house for me to come over (it was a closer drive than his office). There, he was able to provide me some relief. He gave me an adjustment and worked out the muscles in my lower back. He also provided and demonstrated some stretches that would help prevent the type of injury I was experiencing. I use those weekly. He charged me ZERO […]

Grant D.

Dr. Travis’ passion for chiropractic care is evident during every visit. His holistic approach gives you a thorough understanding of his process and leaves you assured you are receiving quality care. The staff is very welcoming. I recommend Dr. Travis to anyone that needs chiropractic care or is interested in increasing their overall health.

Kyle C.

Dr. Ring and his staff are the most compassionate people I have ever met. They’re very personal with their clients and Dr. Ring takes time to educate his clients on the benefits of chiropractic. I have been going to chiropractors since I was a kid and there is no other chiropractor that I would recommend! I am very blessed to have met Dr. Ring and to have a chance to call him my chiropractor! Go see them!!!

Mike C.

Before I started seeing Dr. Ring I could hardly stand up from a seated position without extreme pain. I waited weeks thinking it would get better, but it didn’t. Within two weeks Dr. Ring had me back to 90% and I was back to 100% within three week. Thanks to Dr. Ring and his staff for getting me back to normal. He and his staff took excellent care of me, and I would highly recommend him to anyone with a chiropractic need.

Brooke M.

Dr. Ring is caring and attentive to his patients while also being thorough and concise. He provides same-day appointments with affordable care and even offers a program where children can receive free chiropractic care when they show that they have good grades. What other provider is willing to do that?! He offers physicals for sports, foster care, adoption, etc. without having to wait on your PCP. Dr. Ring is family man, he is down to earth, and he truly cares about the well-being of the entire family. I highly recommend him for the athletes, babies, children, and adults in your […]

John K.

Ever experience at Dr Ring’s office is great. I take my eleven and eight year old sons to see Dr Ring. He is wonderful with children and a master of his craft. If you’re looking for a chiropractor that truly cares about you and your health, go see Dr Ring!

Katrina C.

I’ve had such a wonderful experience with Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic!! I’ve always had issues with my back and neck especially working in a hospital for long hours at a time. My back/neck pain is to a minimal with routine scheduling of course. The staff is always very kind as well! I can’t thank them enough!! Highly recommended. 🙂

Sharon S.

I have been helped so much by Travis I have back,neck, and chronic migraine syndrome. He has helped in all of these areas to the point that I have been taken off my migraine medicine and except for a few food related ones I am about 98% migraine free, my back pain is getting better and we are working on my neck he is so awesome and caring and gentle I don’t trust to many people to adjust my neck but I am completely at ease with him I have recommended him to several people if you have any issues […]

Shawn O.

Dr. Travis is an absolutely wonderful chiropractor who is very clearly passionate about what he does. I had been using a chiropractor for a long time before I moved to Tulsa and struggled to find one who I could trust and who could help me with my sports-related injury. I felt right at home with EOC and will continue to visit Dr. Ring for all my chiropractic needs!

Tiffany D.

For months I was in constant pain. The pain would keep me from playing with my kids. And sleeping had become out of the question. Until I visited Dr. Travis Ring! Now I feel great and can continue life. I highly recommend Dr. Ring. He is nothing but professional. He takes all of the proper precautions and does all of the right assessments. The office is clean and functional. Thank you Dr. Ring for allowing me to get back to my active life!!

Cindy S.

I can always count on Dr. Travis Ring, of Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic, to greet me with a warm smile. He is knowledgeable and shows genuine interest in my well being. As a business person, I also appreciate being able to get in and out quickly.

Sabrina C.

I had never been to a chiropractor before seeing Dr. Ring. It was definitely a pleasant and informative experience. It is truly amazing to learn all the benefits chiropractic has! Dr. Ring and his staff are not only great at what they do, but they are great people in general!

Arthur S.

I turned to chiropractic as a last resort after several doctors had referred me to specialists for my neck. I was told that the likely outcome would be surgery and I wasn’t ready to have neck surgery before 30. When I first went to Dr. Ring I had almost no range of motion and constant muscle spasms. I was miserable. We began a treatment plan and within weeks I started seeing improvement. I was almost disappointed when we finished because I saw improvements nearly every visit. I now have near full range of motion and rare/non-existent neck pain. I recommend […]

Kristen W.

I started going to Dr. Ring when I was pregnant with my son. He helped make sure I was able to continue working my regular 10 hour work day up until the day I had my son.  Dr. Ring also helped when my son was having chronic ear infections and our pediatrician was recommending ear tubes. But with a regular schedule of adjustments, he rarely has ear infections and was able to avoid surgery.

John T.

Dr. Travis Ring is a superstar! He is one of the nicest fellas I know, he’s very bright, and he really cares about your and your family’s health. He’s gonna tell it like it is and help you – bottom line. Call him today and check out his awesome newer location in Broken Arrow! 🙂

Amber T.

Dr. Ring is great! He provides great service. He always works me into his schedule when I need to come in promptly. He genuinely cares about his patients and provides care specifically for each patient. He’s very knowledgeable and researches often to find ways for patients to better their daily lives.

Teresa Y.

Dr. Ring is the only chiropractor I trust with my healthcare. He and his staff are always professional and caring and they go out of their way to accommodate me in my care goals. I highly recommend them to patients of all ages and conditions.

Maira P.

Dr. Ring is a life changer! My family has been going to him for years for wellness care! I recently was involved in an auto accident and he made the process super easy, Tiffany his assistant has taken care of all the insurance handling and I only go in and get better! My 4 year old daughter LOVES Dr. Ring.. matter of fact EOC is the only Dr.’s office she begs me to take her too! I can’t say enough! Thank you Dr. Ring for everything you have done for my family and I!

Ricky P.

Great Chiropractor! Dr. Ring understands the importance of customer service and his practice is very well organized and friendly! I recommend anyone interested in chiropractic care to contact Dr. Ring.

Kristen N.

Dr. Ring is amazing! Tiffany is great! My entire family has seen improvement in our health and wellness. Our youngest daughter was diagnosed with failure to thrive at 2 years of age. Her body couldn’t process dairies any form, gluten, or most meats. She was in the 1st percentile on all growth charts until she was 5 years old. That’s when we started coming to see Dr Ring. No doctor could tell us why she was small or why she couldn’t process certain foods. She had no allergies, no defects, nothing. Since beginning chiropractic our daughter can eat anything with […]

Kevin W.

I went to Travis after I was in a car wreck. I had tried other types of care and Travis care is what set me on the track to recovery. Not only did I heal up with his care, I got much more. And (Tiffany) his staff was wonderful, she made it easy to set up appointments, and if you was in a bind and needed to see Travis she would make it happen if a spot was opened. You need someone to trust to work on your body, then Dr.Travis Ring is your go to guy. I refuse to […]

Amanda B.

Ever heard the saying, “Do what you love, love what you do”? That’s the motto that comes to mind when I think of Dr. Ring and staff. He is truly passionate about the care of his patients which is what drives the success of EOC. His knowledge of health goes beyond the spine. Give him a chance to evaluate your health needs and get you back to LIFE – You won’t be disappointed!

Kyle C.

I went to the same chiropractor in my home town for years. However, moving to Tulsa required me to find a new practitioner. I’m not the type of person that trusts easily so the change was a big deal. My best friend knew Travis and recommended I look him up so I did. He was very attentive with my initial visit, making sure he had a clear picture of what the root cause of my issue was. Because of this care and attention, Travis has been my chiropractor ever since. His pricing is very reasonable and he has always found […]

Melinda P.

Dr Travis and Tiffany are Amazing people. I didn’t have insurance when I first started seeing Dr Travis. Tiffany worked with me to make sure I was able to get the treatment I needed. I was in So much pain when I started seeing Dr Travis, He was so caring & patient with me as I wanted the pain I had been fighting for about a year gone in one visit. He explained what was causing my pain & how we could resolve it. Dr Travis explained the treatment plan for me & Tiffany helped to make sure I could […]


Stacy H.

Web Developer

For years lower back aches due from work, became a part of my everyday life. Most of my day was managed around the pain. I took lots of Tylenol and other meds to help fight the pain but it never went away. I couldn’t take it any longer so I decided to call a doctor. Within minutes of my 1st visit with Dr. Ring, he knew what my problem was. After his evaluation, he had explained what was causing my pain and he had a plan of making me pain free. After my next visit I was feeling less pain […]

Logan J.

Dr. Ring is the best!  He is honest, straightforward and caring.  He truly has the best interest of his patients in mind.  You won’t find a better chiropractor in Oklahoma.

Jason P.

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I was really impressed with Dr. Ring’s knowledge and the warm office feel. He explained in detail my problem and how he could help me with my pain. I plan on recommending Dr. Ring to my family for Chiropractic care. Thank you so much Dr. Ring!

Andrea S.

My daughter Meisha and I are blessed to have found Dr. Ring. He has helped us understand the importance and benefits of Chiropractic care.  My 3 year old daughter is now healthy and symptom free from her chronic ear infections, amazing!

Justin G.

Dr. Ring is an incredible chiropractor who explained things in a way that completely made sense. Not only did he educate me about the chiropractic approach, but he also taught me about options other than drugs or surgery. I was amazed when he connected my problem all the way back to my childhood and helped me understand exactly how I had reached the state I was in. After starting care with Dr. Ring, I can honestly say I would trust him to treat my entire family and every friend I know. No matter what health problems you may be experiencing, […]

Mike N.

I went to Dr. Ring after experiencing severe pain in my back. He knew right away the root of the problem and has worked with me to help correct my issues. Within the first day I felt a great deal of relief. He had me back on my feet in no time. Thanks Dr. Ring!